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Inspired by the legacy of the original Gym Bro Bag, The Gym Bro Bag Lite is a new simplistic take on the gym bag in general. It holds everything you need and nothing you don't.  Water-resistant and durable the Gym Bro Bag Lite is made of tough ripstop and polyester so it can handle all the wear and tear you can throw at it.  Manufactured with lifters in mind, the new simplistic Bro Bag still has its staple weight belt holder and multiple compartments with added details, Reflective drawstrings, separate compartment for dirty clothes/stinky knee sleeves and a stealthy black on black design. Minimize your junk and maximize your gains! 







  • Black on black colorway

  • Custom Exterior Belt loop

  • Water-resistant rip-stop material with a water-repellant coating

  • Reflective Drawstrings
  • Separate Compartment for dirty clothes and stinky knee sleeves 
  • Back Side Personal Pocket

  • Netted front pocket for shakers or personal items
  • Rubber active F logo and customer belt loop






    Matthew R.

    last month

    Verified Buyer
    Durable and excellent.

    Matthew R.

    last month

    Verified Buyer
    Got these for me and my partner on lighter equipment gym days and the bags are fantastic. They hold everything we need and the belt loop is what really sold me. SBD belt and other lever belts will easily stay secure on top of the prong belts that are shown in the promo photos.

    Corey C.

    3 months ago

    Verified Buyer
    I like drawstring bags for the gym but I always end up breaking them. This one feels very strong and has a ton of room for all my stuff. The pockets are even better than I expected. Much easier to find things and keep them separated.

    Jennifer R.

    3 months ago

    Verified Buyer
    Best Gym Bag I have ever used

    Christine J.

    3 months ago

    Verified Buyer
    I carry this inside my tour pack gym bag and I use it on the fitness floor as well as when I enter the pool area. It's the perfect size when you need something smaller to stow your workout neccesities on the gym floor. Again, amazing quality and tons of pockets. A must have!!!!

    Tiffany B.

    6 months ago

    If you do not use an Inzer lever belt, I would recommend this. If you do use an Inzer lever belt, I would not recommend it. Pros: -Good quality! -It holds the lever belt in place; no issues with attaching, staying attached, or removing belt to use Cons: -Bag is not strong enough to support the weight of Inzer lever belt -Belt makes bag looks floppy when attached and not full like the pictures advertised Things I fit in my bag along with lever belt on the outside: belt clips, lifting straps, cobra wrist straps, airpods, and a Vulken tricep strap in there with no problem! My water bottle fits but it is tight Changes I would make: -Move belt clip higher up on the bag to be more central/in the middle of the bag vs at the bottom of the bag to distribute weight more evenly. With the current design, the lever belt is positioned at the bottom of the bag which makes the bag super bottom heavy. There's only one main compartment on the inside (aside from the back knee sleeve slot) so all the items sink bottom of the bag naturally- adding weight more weight to the bottom with the lever belt. -I would make the straps semi adjustable so I could shorten them for my height. I wouldn't recommend this for someone with a small frame using a lever belt. For reference, I'm 5'2/115 lbs/shoulders are not very broad) so the bag really droops on me.

    Nakki C.

    6 months ago

    Verified Buyer
    Its an awesome bag and just what I needed. I especially love that it comes with a belt holder. With my other bags, my belt lever tends to unlatch and swing open, which is a bit of a pain, but this bag has a pocket that the lever can slide in and its just what I needed. Its a spacious bag for the essentials. 10/10

    Laura T.

    6 months ago

    Verified Buyer
    I love everything about it



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